Noodles & Things

We now offer free* deliveries to San Mateo, Millbrae, and all surrounding cities.

Porridge & Things

*Foster City to South San Francisco (Minimum $30)

Extended location to San Francisco and Atherton (Minimum $80)

Our broth is simmered for 20+ hours before serving for maximum flavor


8 types of noodles for a variety of textures to your tastebuds

Chiu Chow-style small dishes. Usually enjoyed with rice porridge


From our kitchen to your table

Noodles & Things’ concept of made-to-order noodle soup is heavily influenced by the street vendors of Hong Kong. We bring Cart Noodle to your table by utilizing the rising trend of choice combined with modern casual dining atmosphere. We aim to make our customers feel at home. Our chefs select the highest quality of ingredients because we believe what goes into our food matters.


"the perfect abstraction of flavor and balance"